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Scientology is really a joke “religion” whose sole function is usually to independent its associates from their money. They are so secretive about their “religion” I really feel quite specified they hover inside the realm of the cult.

Investigating whatever you wish, whenever you need, with whom ever you desire about anything at all. That may be flexibility. When a person tells you You can't have a look at some thing, cannot exploration one thing, cannot Consider about a thing and they phone it the Highway TO Independence?????? I am sorry Penny. That is the tyranny of believed masquerading as being the “road out”

Sea Org customers make forty cents one hour, In accordance with Ortega, who suggests, "I do not Consider there's any way Tom Cruise is not really aware of that." In accordance with the film, they have "tricked out his vehicles and bikes" and hanger in Santa Monica, California, and set up the audiovisual gear at his property.

Scientology is the sole workable system Person has. It has by now taken folks towards better IQ, greater life and all that. No other system has. So realize that it's no competitor. Scientology is actually a workable system. It has the route taped. The lookup is completed. Now the route only must be walked.

Scientology is smart to me, usually has, constantly will, And that i level for the factors as my greatest truth of the matter. Critics can, do and can continue to drag aside bits away from context to belittle it. I shed any christian beliefs I'd when being a child, so scared because of the considered the Satan, I dared him to come back and have me and just take me to hell. This can be the belief I was taught. The devil in no way did. So to try to place Christianity as possessing some kind of moral authority would not wash with me.

. After several years of accomplishing the voice of the character Chef on “South Park,” he fell out with the exhibit and parted methods with creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker after they did a satire episode that poked fun at Scientology, and he felt the episode was an example of intolerance and bigotry.

In accordance with penned accounts from Northup, Hubbard advised her he "Reduce [Alexis] into tiny parts" and dropped her scientology beliefs reddit within a river. Then he would simply call back again and explain to Sara that their daughter was alive.

Determined by the 2013 book scientology beliefs of exactly the same identify by Lawrence Wright, "Going Clear" not only exposes particulars about Scientology but in addition serves as an in-depth explainer for people unfamiliar with the group. The Church has spoken out against the movie (browse their full assertion listed here) as have its movie star members.

Ironically, when his time around the demonstrate ended abruptly, Stone and Parker did an episode of “South Park” the place the character, Chef, was in a group that had him brainwashed and was killed off ultimately.

But what puzzles me quite possibly the most is why anybody in their suitable head would desire to be part of a church produced by a person scientology beliefs about birth (L Ron Hubbard) who committed suicide. Naturally Scientology didn’t help him.

Brian, I read through this decades in the past and initially browse the actual document (which have to be a “remembered” publish up not an HCOB) inside the eighties in all probability right before quite a few on right here experienced even heard of it, and responded then straight away by stating it was bullshit, as do a lot of the commenters about the hyperlink you posted. It is apparently really a feat to recall flawlessly 3 or four web pages of the “HCOB” and and also that with one other document listing “exactly” the procedures to run at the same time eh? Funny that eh? And is also Hubbard intending to contradict his very own OTIII elements which this meant HCOB does? If that's so why did he not cancel OTIII then? And Therefore the illogic goes on and on. In order I say, if George M.White is being adamant about it and truthful, then it may only have been a Miscavige experiment, as I say. And do you really imagine that, if it was basically written by LRH, that Miscavige would dare to terminate it as he seemingly did?

It suggests something that Scientology can’t acknowledge that they absolutely are a separate religion, depending on deceit as a substitute. Even so, in comparison to the wickedness of Devious Miscarriage, it truly is little potatoes.

The whole populace of the planet responds similar to a clock to R6 symbols. They reply to absolutely nothing else. They usually do not respond to reason. They only respond to R6 symbols.

I am happy you want your path penny. These conversations are by no means about any one’s ideal to believe or apply anything. But just as you have a correct to are convinced this world is a result of an Digital implant, we have a right to challenge that doctrine being a delusional absurdity. And we also have a appropriate to consider these doctrines hazardous and may be exposed as a result.

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